Category: Product design
Client: Holmris+Flexform
Year: 2014

Designed in partnership with Danish furniture manufacturer Holmris+Flexform, Henning Larsen Design is behind the new U-Series, a furniture collection designed to accommodate the needs of the individual at work. With high quality materials, clean lines and aesthetic compositions, the U-Series defines personal space and meets all needs for professionalism, workflow and ergonomically comfortable work stations. read more>

With open offices of rowed work stations, constant flow of bypassers as well as team work at local desks as growing trends, the development of the U-series is based on emergent needs for affiliation and individuality. With a broad material palette and various possibilities for surface compositions, the U-Series provides its users with many ways to add a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal environment. With clever solutions for storing personal belongings, cables for computer, lamp or other electronic devices, the U-Series defines the modern office with simplicity, order and clean lines.

In 2014, as the first company to acquire elements of the U-Series, Danish news media Børsen installed U-Desks for all employees. With a promising future ahead, the U-Series will continue to expand in size, in turn providing its users with growing possibilities for establishing personal space.

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Photos by Peter Nørby

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