The Scandinavian

Category: Interior design
Client: The Scandinavian
Year: 2011

Located North of Copenhagen in a beautiful hilly landscape, the Scandinavian Golf Club is the manifestation of an unrestrained passion for high quality golf experiences. Here, golfers meet to enjoy the modern club house facilities, high service standards, the company of one another and their love for international golf. Henning Larsen Design is behind the bespoke interior, including concepts for lighting and loose furniture. read more>

When the Scandinavian Golf Club came to Henning Larsen Design, the interplay between the architectural vision, surrounding scenery and interior design quickly became an obvious focal point. The final design represents a holistic approach to incorporating the building, its setting, and interior atmosphere as a total experience.

As part of the final design, everything from the reception desk, pro shop, restaurant and meeting facilities to the downstairs restrooms were designed according to the overall concept. A distinctly Nordic material palette, exquisite craftsmanship and a generous flow of light were merged with soft surfaces, fine detailing, and function. Arriving at the Scandinavian Golf Club, an honest atmosphere, exclusive warmth and a continuation of the natural surroundings shine through.

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