Category: Interior design, visual identity
Client: GURU
Year: 2014

Located amid the busy urban landscape of Copenhagen, GURU invites its guests inside for an authentic encounter with North Indian flavours. As part of a generational change, the long-established restaurant came to Henning Larsen Design for a revitalization of its image. Through a new visual identity and complete interior design, the GURU brand has been reborn. read more>

Henning Larsen Design has created an identity for the restaurant that fuses cool Scandinavia with vibrant India. Smooth surfaces, exclusive materials, and minimalist compositions mingle with Indian color tones, ritual ornaments and subtle outbursts of copper.

The interior design concept was carried out touching on space planning, design of fixed furniture, soft lighting solutions and selection of loose furniture. The kitchen — previously hidden away behind closed doors — was brought out into the restaurant and integrated into the dining experience. Stimulating all the senses, guests are treated to views of traditional Tandoor ovens, the fragrance of freshly-baked naan bread, and the sound of king prawns sizzling. Through the bar, along the low lounge arrangements and into restrooms, elegant copper details unify all areas of the restaurant with a warm glow.

As another essential part of the assignment, a graphic identity was designed. Dusty color tones, Indian calligraphy, explosions of pink and elegant, clean compositions mark the best of both worlds coming together.

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