Category: Interior design
Client: Emmerys
Year: 2011

Emmerys is a Danish chain of organic bakery shops, providing citizens of Copenhagen and Aarhus with a broad variety of high-quality cakes, bread and pastries. With a desire to expand and enhance their brand, Emmerys commissioned Henning Larsen Design to revitalize the bakery experience through the design of fixed furniture, a loose furniture concept, and space planning. read more>

With equal focus on bakery, shop and café, a holistic outlook on customer experience is what makes Emmerys unique. With this trinity as a foundation, Henning Larsen Design has grasped the assignment focusing on flow, service, atmosphere and visual presentation of baked goods. With values like authenticity, craftsmanship and quality, Henning Larsen Design has helped Emmerys boost their brand value.

In carrying out the interior design, a full line of fixed furniture was designed. From display cabinets to bread- and coffee stations, all pieces of fixed furniture play a role in optimizing the daily routines of the Emmerys staff while supporting objectives of quality. Based on a modular system, the fixed furniture can be implemented in all stores regardless of size. To ensure a successful interplay between fixed furniture and plan layout, space planning was also carried out. With optimization of flow in mind, each piece of furniture is placed to support the concept.

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Photos by GUBI

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